HIMSS Middle East UAE eHealth Week 2017


At HIMSS we realize the overwhelming value of partnerships. Interested organisations may contact Mr. Sam Ong at cfong@himss.org.

Media Partners:


ArabMedicare.com, launched in March 1999, serves as an online gateway for connecting local, regional and international healthcare players with the Arab healthcare professional market.
ArabMedicare.com has also become a leading point of reference for accessing the latest medical innovations, conferences, and expert insights. In addition, ArabMedicare.com offers regional-specific information on over 30 medical specialty fields to include:eHealth & Telemedicine, medical education and training, market data and statistics, consultancy services, and other related services to help organizations successfully navigate the healthcare markets of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
To learn more about ArabMedicare.com visit - arabmedicare.com

MIDDLE EAST HEALTH is the leading independent English-language medical magazine for the Middle East and Levant. It is published in Dubai every two months and distributed to senior healthcare professionals and decision-makers in 15 countries in the Middle East and Levant.

It has a distribution of 15,500 copies and a total readership of more than 67,000.

Now in its 41st year, Middle East Health is highly respected and well established in the regional medical industry. Regular reader feedback says Middle East Health is relevant, topical, interesting and useful. Advertiser feedback confirms Middle East Health as the best vehicle to showcase their products to decision-makers in the healthcare industry right across the region – that’s to the right people in all the right places.
More information is available on the website - www.MiddleEastHealthMag.com